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Gi-Bake was founded in January of 2017, by Gianluca Gazzola and Guglielmo Novaglio. Their international experience combined with Italian know-how, creating the perfect recipe.
Pragmatism, speed, problem-solving and innovation are the ingredients that make Gi-Bake your perfect partner.


We have a 360° view of every aspect of the production of baked goods, from the organisation, choice of machinery and raw materials, to the creation of more effective recipes from a sensory and economic point of view. We guarantee the best result with any budget that is put at our disposal.

Why Gi-Bake?
gianluca gazzola

Gianluca Gazzola

He has passion, determination, strong leadership and an in-depth knowledge of the sector. Among his main specialisations are a thorough knowledge of all functional raw materials, the product development process and management of complex R&D projects.

He is accustomed to working with production technicians, process engineers, as well as with the Marketing, Sales and Purchasing departments. Over the years he has developed and launched several successful new products on a European level, and has also improved several existing recipes by optimising cost and quality, whilst ensuring utmost confidentiality and protection of the company’s know-how.

Gianluca has been working with some of the most important companies in the sector since 1999. Previously he was Director of R&D for the Bauli group, Director of Product & Technology for Lieken AG, a German company and part of the Barilla group until 2013; he went on to be head of the Technical Department for the EMEA region at Novozymes in Basel, Switzerland; then Senior development manager for Mulino Bianco and Le Tre Marie within the Barilla group, and head of China’s R&D team for the Puratos group in Guangzhou, China.

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Guglielmo Novaglio

Pragmatism, motivation and expertise are his defining characteristics, along with a constant commitment to innovate.

Project manager in the family business Macor di Trucazzano s.r.l., specialists in mixing and packing of powdered food products intended mainly for professional use, Guglielmo Works with the General Director in managing relationships with customers and suppliers.

After obtaining a degree in Food Science and Technology, he devoted his early career to the creation of the Department of Quality and Safety, and then expanded his expertise in the acquisition of raw materials, equipment and production lines. Today he is engaged in researching new development strategies, and the optimisation of business processes with the implementation of modern systems for monitoring and controlling costs.

His past experience includes collaborations with Nestlè in the production of potato flakes and derivatives, and with the Yomo Research Centres for activities related to analytics and microbiology.

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In order to offer a comprehensive service, taking care of every single detail of production, Gi-Bake can count on Macor, a valuable ally.  Macor di Trucazzano S.r.l. belongs to the best tradition of Italian companies. For over 30 years the company has efficiently and reliably carried out production and packaging in the food industry.
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