In an increasingly demanding market it is important to be well-prepared.
So, prepare variations to your recipes, so that you can meet the needs of the target audience that you have not yet reached.

Palm free

The use of palm oil in baked goods is a matter that is monitored by an increasing number of potential customers. Offering baked goods that do not contain palm oil is a plus for any brand, especially if the taste is the same, or better, than products that do contain it.

Gi-Bake offers various solutions for creating products without palm oil while keeping costs under control.

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Gluten free

Eliminating gluten from traditional recipes often involves technical issues that may adversely affect the quality of the products. The solution is simple: we can show you the right ingredients to compensate, and still maintain high quality.

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Propose new solutions for those who follow vegan eating habits, or simply for those who are looking for a vegetarian alternative. Don’t worry, “vegan” doesn’t mean “less delicious” – take Gi-Bake’s word for it!

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7 out of 10 Italian families are choosing to buy organic products. Ensure that the next product that they put in the shopping trolley is yours. Gi-Bake will recommend to you the raw materials that meet even the most stringent standards.

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The best solution is yet to be developed: we will do this together

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